Eco Adventures – Discover the hidden treasures of the island of Cyprus

  • Walk the Natural Wonders
  •  Paphos based tours in the Akamas Peninsula, Troodos mountains and custom tours upon request
  • Experience Places & Natural Sites normally inaccessible to commercial tourism
  • Recognise & Appreciate the Significance of Preserving our Precious Ecological Heritage
  • Swim the Pristine Waters
  • See Mythological & Historical sites and relics
  • Enjoy Local Food & Wine
  • Refreshments are provided in one of our morning breaks

According to The International Ecotourism Society“Ecotourism is Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”

Travel philosophy: “See and Share everything but Leave nothing but footprints behind”

  • We travel in small groups (vehicle of +/- 8 persons) so as not to hinder the natural environment and its local communities.
  • Wherever possible, we avoid commercially touristic locations
  • We continually synergise our “tour-guiding” with “eco-conservation-guiding”, always aspiring to showcase a location whilst simultaneously increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the protection of the location and its surroundings (e.g.  the green turtle’s hatchery in the Akamas Peninsula, the sea, the unspoilt villages, or the many forests’ hazards (fires, pollution, etc.)

Supporting local “Authentic” Communities

  • We only use local goods and services.
  • We only work with small, family-run concerns – village taverns, local wineries, small agro-touristic establishments; cheese-making workshops, etc. – and thus, any money spent by our guests remains within the local communities that we visit.

Reduced carbon footprint and policy for recycling

  • We have managed to reduce a lot the use of plastic on our tours, and we recycle almost everything we use (cups, plastic bottles etc)
  • We operate home-office as most of our administration and marketing is online; As a result we only print a small number of leaflets once a year, and legal paperwork, tax documents etc. are minimal, but always on recycled/ecological paper. In this way we minimise our carbon footprint.

Get the most out of your EcoTour Adventures

  • Suitable footwear for walking is recommended
  • Bring along your swimsuit and towel (1st May – End of October, for the Akamas Tour only)
  • Moderate wear for Churches/Monasteries
  • Do not forget your sun protection
  • EcoTour Adventures do not recommend excursions for pregnant ladies or persons with medical conditions that restrict walking
  • The company reserves the right to alter the route or stops to accommodate weather conditions, religious dates and other special cases
  • Cancellations cannot be accepted less than 24 hours prior to the excursion departure
  • The company will not be held liable for personal belongings left behind at stops or forgotten in the vehicle.