The definition of the word Hospitality is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”. Nowhere does this apply more to than the region of Pafos. This region in Cyprus is world-famous for its hospitality both in the city and the immediate surrounding countryside. Travel across this area, and you will meet friendly locals who are eager to impart their knowledge and for you to genuinely enjoy their beautiful homeland.

Take the time to travel through the countryside with its breath-taking views of the sea, mountains and vineyards to one of the many beautiful villages with bougainvillea in full flower, honey-coloured stone architecture and be prepared for a genuine welcome from the locals. Cypriot hospitality is legendary throughout the ages, and you can always be assured of a warm welcome. It is not unusual to be invited into people’s homes, where as a first-time visitor you might be offered, traditional homemade sweets.

A great place to experience the real character of Cypriots is in the local coffee shop of any village you might meander through. This is the social hub of the village and where they spend many hours meeting their friends and very often playing a game of tavli which is the Greek version of the game backgammon.

The Pafos region is undoubtedly serious Wine Country with several leading wineries scattered throughout the landscape. Take the time to stop and partake of a wine tasting. Very often, you have the chance to meet the actual winemaker who will be delighted to share his story and wines with you.

With incredible beaches, crafts, tavernas and restaurants, the whole region epitomises genuine hospitality at its best. The main reason that people return for their holidays year after year.

Sarah Coyne lives and works in Cyprus. She co-edits and writes for the islandwide publication Cyprus in Style Magazine and also writes for the national newspaper Cyprus Mail. Sarah moved to Cyprus from London after the sale of her own company. The business, which she started from scratch, gained her the accolade of being a finalist in the NatWest Everywoman Business Woman of the Year which was celebrated at Downing Street. She is the Founder and Organiser of The Space Art for Charity in Cyprus which raises funds for cancer charities and promotes Cypriot culture. To date, the organisation has raised more than 35,000 euros through art and photographic exhibitions with 100% of the proceeds going to the Cypriot cancer charity Pasykaf.